Welcome ! We are the Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership.

We are taking action to respond to the climate and environment emergency that is affecting us all.

We are volunteers working with and inspiring local people and communities to take action to tackle climate change. 

Take a look at what we've been doing. If you like what you see and want to get involved, please support our events or get in touch at admin@richmondshireclimateaction.org.  

Latest news

People Planet Pint 

Wednesday 5th June 

Save the Date !

We have teamed up with Sarah Hartley of the The Northern Eco to host a Richmondshire 'People Planet Pint' meet up !

This informal social event will be held at The Buck Inn, Newbiggin, Richmond on Wednesday 5th June from 7pm, and there is a FREE DRINK for the first 30 people pre-registering. 

To find out more about the event and to pre-register, visit the event page on Eventbrite .  All welcome - we  look forward to seeing you there !

Posted: 25th Mar 24

Great Big Green Week

8th to 16th June 2024

To coincide with The Great Big Green Week, The Station, Richmond will be hosting an Eco Day on Saturday 15th June 2024. 

Planning is in its early stages but the event is set to showcase local environmental organisations and groups. To find out more visit  The Eco Day page on the The Station website 

Alongside the Eco Day, and in partnership with Richmond Walking and Book Festival, we will be hosting author led talks at the Town Hall on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th June, featuring works with an environmental theme. 

Have you got any ideas for complementary activities for Great Big Green Week? And/or would you like to help? If so, please get in touch with  barbara@richmondshireclimateaction.org .

Watch this space for the latest updates !

Posted : 8th Feb 2024, updated 1st April 24

'Talking Climate Change: Ideas into Action' 

We're planning to set up a repair cafe ! 

A group of  hardy climate action enthusiasts braved poor weather to take part in the latest Talking Climate Change event, Ideas into Action, at Richmond Town Hall on 15th February. 

Everybody got involved in choosing which activities they would most like to see take place in the area, and the idea of holding a repair cafe came out on top ! This was closely followed by a renewable energy themed event and an information sharing event to provide advice relating to climate friendly homes and heating. 

So we now plan to organise a local repair cafe in Richmond to coincide with national Great Big Green Week (8th to 16th June).  To find out more, please see the separate item about the repair cafe on our news page. 

We are also starting to investigate what a renewable energy themed event could look like. We will be contacting the developers of the new solar farm that is currently being constructed on land to the east of Richmond, to see if they will host a guided visit, once it is complete enough to be safe to do so - this is likely to be June at the earliest. 

What else could this include? Can you help us organise it, or do you know someone else who can? if so, please get in touch via admin@richmondshireclimateaction.org .

We are also planning to organise a 'homes and heating' event in the autumn, when we all start to think more about such things.  We're keen to get more people involved, and to hear what you think the event should include.  Please get in touch with your ideas, offers of help and suggestions via admin@richmondshireclimateaction.org .

Posted: 21st Feb 2024