About us

Our logo was designed by Violet Livingstone-Owen. Her image depicts a world in two halves - one half showing what it will be like if we save the planet and the other half, if we don’t. 

We are a registered charity (number  1196571) active in the Richmondshire area. We work in partnership with people and communities to raise awareness of and take action on climate change and biodiversity loss.  

Formed and initially funded by the former Richmondshire District Council and launched on 24th March 2021, we are currently a wholly volunteer-led organisation. We organise events and activities, and provide advice, inspiration and information to help local people make more planet friendly choices.

We are also part of the North Yorkshire Climate Coalition (see below).

Our key people are: 

Chair Barbara Gravenor admin@richmondshireclimateaction.org

Treasurer Georgiana Sale

Trustees       Sue Stokes

Barbara Gravenor

Website &   Valerie Adams       valerie@richmondshireclimateaction.org


Updated: Mar 24

Why are we doing this?

Whilst big business and governments need to do a lot of the heavy lifting to help the nation reach its climate change targets, we know there is also a lot that local people and communities can do to make a real difference.  

We also know its easy to feel helpless in the face of the more extreme weather events that are being driven by climate change, and to be unsure what to do about it, when faced with so much sometimes conflicting information. 

We want to support people to take action, both together and through individual behaviour changes. We want to help people find the information they need to make easy and affordable climate and biodiversity friendly changes to their lives.

Above all, we want to help leave the planet and our home in a much better condition than it is now, so that it can sustain all forms of life for generations to come.

Revised 22nd May 2023

If this sounds like your thing, and you would like to contribute to our input into the coalition's activities, please send an email to info@richmondshireclimateactionorg with 'NYCoalition' in the heading.

Better together! We are members of The North Yorkshire Climate Coalition.

Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership is a member of the North Yorkshire Climate Coalition. The coalition was formed in 2022 and comprises 22 groups. Our coalition representative is Barbara Gravenor.

The primary purpose of the coalition is "to act as a non party political platform for engaging with our elected representatives, their officers and related organisations - North Yorkshire Council (NYC), our region’s MPs and other regional and national bodies (e.g. Y&NY Local Enterprise Partnership, Yorkshire and Humber Climate Commission) on NY-wide policies and matters related to climate change and the environment."

In April 2023, we contributed to the Coalition's response to the North Yorkshire Climate Change Strategy 

Most recently, in late August, representatives of the coalition including our chair, Barbara Gravenor, met senior officers of North Yorkshire Council and Cllr Paul Haslam, the NYC climate change champion. The meeting established a good relationship with the Planning Department, and the Council has indicated that climate change issues will be central to the new Local Plan.

Updated: 1st September 2023