Greener Living 

ACT NOW:  Positive actions you can take now to reduce your carbon footprint

If you're looking for quick fixes to immediately and effectively lower your carbon emissions quickly, check out this April 2023 BBC Futures article which has affordable tips for everyone.  

Made those changes already? Or you're after a longer 'to do' list?

Then why not check out this Positive News article from May 2023? You might not have realised how effective where you spend and bank your money could be too. We particularly like No.3 on their list - join an environmental group!  Have a look at our  'Get Involved' page, and then get in touch - we would love to have you on board. 

Not sure what your carbon footprint is? 

Then why not try this Giki Zero carbon footprint calculator? It's free, but you do need to sign up to use it.

To find out how many planet Earths would be needed to sustain the world's population if everyone lived like you,  try the Global Footprint Networks Ecological Footprint Calculator . Its a real eye opener!

Updated : Nov 2023

WASTE & RECYCLING: Tips for recycling and reducing waste

Are you doing enough? 

Visit the North Yorkshire Council bins, waste and recycling webpage: Bins, recycling and waste | North Yorkshire Council to find out what you can recycle via your kerbside collection.

For hints and tips on how and where you can recycle locally, , open the document below. If you have tips to share that we can add to the list , please email .

reducing waste hints and tips - single sided 2 pages.pdf


Did you know that transport is the largest source of carbon emissions in our area? 

Why not do your bit to reduce our emissions from transport by choosing to take the bus where you can?

Links to the local bus providers websites are below:

Bus timetables for Richmondshire and Hambleton - Harbus  

Posted: 14th Nov 23

HOME ENERGY: 'Nine surprising ways to reduce energy use around the home' from Which?

Discover nine lesser known hacks to help you use your appliances most sustainably in this May 2022 article from Which?  


Do you have some food to spare for those in need? Or perhaps you just have something that you don't want to go to waste?

Why not consider donating to a foodbank? 

Here are three that operate in our area:

Influence Church Food bank, Richmond

Colburn Food Share

St. Oswald's Open Pantry, Upper Wensleydale  

or if you just want to give your food to someone who will use it and collect it, rather than binning it, why not try the Olio app .

updated: Nov 23

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GARDENS AND GREENSPACE:   Community woodlands

From tree planting to activity days and woodland discovery, community woodlands can provide opportunities for everyone to be active in caring for and learning about their environment. 

Click on the links below for more information on two great projects where you can get involved - one at Richmond and one at Catterick... 

Bramble Woods, Catterick 

Rufus Woods, Richmond  

Posted: 14th Nov 23

TRANSPORT: Wheels to Work moped loan scheme

Do you have a new job or apprenticeship but are not sure how to get there?

Then Wheels to Work may be for you! The scheme loans you a moped, so you can travel independently when you have no other suitable transport options. And its better for the environment than travelling by car!

To be eligible, you must be 16 or over, require transport to travel to work apprenticeships or training, have a daily journey that is a practical distance for a moped, have no other suitable form of transport, and have a clean provisional licence

To find out more visit the Wheels 2 Work webpage.

Posted 14th Nov 23

HOME ENERGY & GRANTS : Home Energy Funding

Looking to make energy efficiency and/or heating improvements to your home, and don't know where to start? 

Try the not for profit Energy Funding Service , which can offer funding for some improvements that reduce your carbon emissions.

Or Yorkshire based Yes Energy Solutions offers some grants and funding for insulation, heating and solar panels

Posted: 14th Nov 23


Are you passionate about inspiring people to reduce their waste? Do you like meeting like minded people? 

Then why not volunteer with the North Yorkshire Rotters? The Rotters have supported our events, so we are pleased to be able to support them too!

Find out more about the Rotters and what they do on the following link:

North Yorkshire Rotters | North Yorkshire Council 

Posted: 14th Nov 23

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HOME ENERGY: How to save money on gas and electricity

Here's an article with some money saving tips from March 2022 by Ben Webster of The Times:

GARDENS AND GREENSPACE: Please consider using peat free compost

In Britain, peatlands are found in upland areas as blanket bogs and in the lowlands as lowland raised mires. They are complex habitats, each type supporting many rare and specialised species of plants and insects. Peat is formed by Sphagnum mosses which grow very slowly and then only partially decay when they die due to the wet, acidic conditions, thus storing their carbon.

Peat bogs are the largest and most efficient carbon store on earth (10 times more carbon per hectare than any other ecosystem, including forests) and they hold nearly 30% of all the carbon stored on land, so they are an important defence against climate change. Peat is the UK’s largest carbon store and in England it is estimated to be storing 580 million tonnes of carbon.  has been extensively dug up in the UK for horticultural purposes, such as for growing media. Bagged retail growing media accounts for 70% of the peat sold in the UK. Currently, nearly three million cubic metres of peat are sold for horticultural use every year in the UK, one third of which comes from UK peatlands. When this extraction takes place, the carbon stored inside the bog is released as carbon dioxide, contributing to climate change. 

As gardeners we can make a real difference to the protection and enhancement of these vital peat bogs by not using peat-based composts. Peat-free alternatives are becoming more widely available at local garden centres and the quality has improved enormously. Some of the most commonly recommended brands include Melcourt Sylvagrow (based on by-products of sustainably managed British forests), Dalefoot (produced in Cumbria from bracken and wool) and Fertile Fibre (based on coir, a bye-product from coconuts). B+Q and Wilko own brand peat-free composts are also recommended by Which. 

For further information see:

Rita Mercer, 2021

GARDENS AND GREENSPACE: Liberate your lawn !

To find out more about liberating your lawn so that it can help to support nature, visit the Plantlife website.



Posted: 25th July 2023

Pic: Stux @ Pixabay

GRANTS: Money to help you go green!


Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant - Government grant for flats and landlords

The EV chargepoint grant provides funding of up to 75% towards the cost of installing electric vehicle smart chargepoints at some domestic properties across the UK.  There is a grant scheme for landlords and another one for people who own or rent a flat. 

Grant schemes for electric vehicle charging infrastructure - GOV.UK ( 


UK Shared Prosperity Fund - via North Yorkshire Council, for community groups who bid for funds


Find Government Grants

The Government is currently piloting an online grant searcher. Visit the webpage via the link below, and then check the filter box for 'North East England' and hit the 'apply' button. It isn't generating many results as of May 2022, but keep checking back, as it surely can only improve!

Home - Find a grant ( 

Community First Yorkshire (CFY) - find funding webpage for organisations

To find out about current and new grants available in our area, you can subscribe for free to their funding newsletter. 

Find Funding - Community First Yorkshire 

CFY also produce a Quick Guide to Funding Green Projects. It is regularly updated, and can be found on the following link:

Quick-guide-to-funding-Green-projects-SA-amends.docx.pdf ( 

Energy England Grant Finder for Community Energy Groups

Energy England keep up to date lists of funding available to community energy groups

last updated: May 2023

HOME ENERGY: Have you considered using a slow cooker to help reduce your energy costs?

Here's a useful link to an article from 2022 by Community Energy Plus which suggest a cost of about 3p/hour when using a slow cooker.

GARDENS & GREENSPACE : Community gardens and produce

Community gardens are great little eco initiatives to get people across your community participating in action that gets them thinking about nature and where their food comes from. 

Click on the links below to be inspired by existing projeects at Tunstall, Gunnerside and Reeth.

Tunstall Community Garden

Sustainable Swaledale Incredible Edibles Project

updated Nov 23

ACT NOW: Knowledge is power !

Brenda, a former teacher and Richmondshire resident, is full of praise for The Carbon Almanac: It's not too late, and its not hard to see why.

Author Seth Godin's book has clearly and simply presented information on all things carbon and climate change at the global scale. It's a fascinating, engaging resource to help get you clued up on the basic science, impacts and solutions to the climate crisis.

You can find out more about the book online, and where to buy it. Better still, ask at your local library to borrow it!

Posted 1st August 2023