Welcome ! We are the Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership.

We are taking action to respond to the climate and environment emergency that is affecting us all.

We are volunteers working with and inspiring local people and communities to take action to tackle climate change. 

Take a look at what we've been doing. If you like what you see and want to get involved, please support our events or get in touch at admin@richmondshireclimateaction.org.  

Latest news

    Be inspired by our new film 'Beneath the Surface' 

Our new film 'Beneath the Surface' was premiered at The Station Eco Day on Saturday 16th June 2024. At just over 11 minutes long, it aims to encourage, challenge and inspire you to do more to care for the environment. Featuring local people from across the generations, the film showcases local positive action and highlights issues of concern. 'Can we all become a ripple of action to create a tidal wave of change?' 

The film was commissioned by Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership and Richmond Buildings Preservation Trust and was directed by volunteer Margaret Land. Thanks to our generous funders  Energi North East Ltd and Richmond Rotary Club and all the local residents who feature in the film, without whom it wouldn't have been possible.  Enjoy !

To watch the film online, click on the following link: "Beneath The Surface" - Richmondshire Climate Action Partnership on Vimeo 

To download a copy of the film (it may take some time), open the file link below.

Updated : 17th June 2024

_beneath_the_surface__-_richmondshire_climate_action_partnership (2160p).mp4