The Declaration

Richmondshire's Environment and Climate Emergency Declaration

Below is the text of Richmondshire Council's declaration.

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Richmondshire District Council will commit to:

Declaring a ‘Climate Emergency’ that requires urgent action;

  • making the council’s own activities net-zero carbon by 2030, both production and consumption

  • achieving 100% clean energy across the council’s full range of functions by 2030

  • supporting and working with all other relevant agencies to ensure that the whole of Richmondshire achieves net-zero carbon (production and consumption) within the same timescale

  • ensuring that all strategic decisions, budget formulation and planning policy is enacted to ensure protection of the environment and achievement of net-zero carbon in the district by 2030, including the following measures

  • explore policy to achieve the requirement for new-build houses to use sustainable energy sources in the form of solar panels and heat pumps

  • making provision for and actually installing charging points for electric cars

  • ensuring that political and chief officer leadership teams embed measures to safeguard the environment and climate in all areas of work and take responsibility for reducing carbon emissions throughout Richmondshire

  • influencing and inspiring partners across the district, county and region to contribute to achieving the council’s environment and climate goals

  • convening and empowering a Climate Change Partnership Group (CCPG). This will involve councillors, residents, young citizens, climate science and solutions experts, businesses, and other relevant parties to research, develop and recommend, within six months, strategies and an action plan that will assist the council in achieving its environment and climate goals

  • ensuring that the council’s 2020/2021 budget cycle and investment strategy take account of the output of the CCPG, and of those decisions taken by councillors and officers that must be enacted to address this emergency

  • calling on the UK Government to provide the powers and financial resources required to address the emergency

  • joining the Local Government Association Climate Emergency Group